Consultancy Fields of the Management and Personnel Consulting

Searching and Selecting Personnel
Professional advice and support in the specific and systematic search as well as in the selection of executive personnel and highly qualified specialists through Executive Search (advertisement-aided search only when necessary or desired).

Suitability Diagnostics
Qualified investigations for selecting personnel and making potential analyses.

Organisational and Personnel Development
Advice in the implementation of a systemic personnel and organisational management. Designing strategic, organisational and personnel development processes.

Personnel Coaching
Carrying out coaching measures in the following areas:

Coaching executives
to improve their personal and professional competence, and to qualify their powers of dialogue

Retention coaching
as a supportive accompaniment in company mergers, separations and restructurings, and in the privatisation of subdivisions of the public sector

Coaching management trainees
to systematically develop executive personnel

Coaching successors
to prepare successor employees in leading functions
Special coaching
to detect the causes of tense situations and to develop the initial stages for a solution

New placement coaching
to bring about a fair and socially acceptable termination of current employment


Career Counselling
Individual applicant and general career counselling related to the position.

Remuneration Systems and Contract Counselling
Development of performance-related remuneration systems with variable components. Remuneration and contract counselling. Structural analyses of salaries.

Settlement of the Succession to an Enterprise
Developing the entrepreneurial, organisational and personnel strategy for the future. Working out the eligibility criteria and strategy to prepare the successor, and to search for the corresponding candidate.

Filling Positions in the Supervisory and Advisory Boards
Searching for members for the supervisory and advisory boards to increase efficiency after fixing the professional competence in the fields of personnel, finances and strategy.

Main Focuses Specific to the Industry
The main focuses lie in the following industries:

  • Building and real estate trade as well as financing business in the real estate field  

  • Building supplier and building ancillary trade

  • Recycling industry

A great part of the commissions are follow-ups from existing customers.

Main Appointments

  • 0 level (directorate, management)

  • Levels 1 to 3 at a fixed salary from EUR 65,000 p.a.

  • Qualified specialists

Main Regional Points

  • Germany

  • Poland

  • Check Republic

  • Hungary

  • Romania


Consultancy Fields in Building and Real Estate Consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Purchase and sale of real estate companies, company shares and participations

  • Search for cooperation and financial partners

  • Search for new co-companies and partners for joint ventures

  • Strategic alliances in realising growth, diversification and concentration projects

Project Development

  • Extensive counselling and care of building contractors, project developers, finance companies, investors and authorities who would like to plan, finance, realise and manage public capital expenditures on buildings on a private enterprise basis (public-private partnership).

  • Advice on the purchase and sale of commercial and industrial property.

  • Advice on the purchase and sale of house-building associations.

Handling the Commission

In the fields of law, tax and auditing, we work together with our customers/advisers or with highly qualified external specialists.
The fees are calculated both on the basis of a fixed fee and with components depending on success and which are related to the single case.


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